Geospatial Services


DDSI is a small company that moves quickly and can offer a truly independent view. The team is practical and has practical operational knowledge of GIS hardware and software. Our strength is the ability to respond to challenges that our clients experience. We listen and customize our process to achieve our
client’s goals. DDSI has built systems and integrated new “nuts and bolts” in virtually all platforms and formats over the years.

We have been heavily involved in GIS support services for the last three years for multiple clients. These services include development of GIS systems, data conversion and management, integration of existing datasets, data collection and maintenance, and deployment of field user’s tools. These deployments include training and support.

DDSI provides database development, remote sensing, image processing, geo-coding and customized application development. We can build the tools to enable your users to access and manipulate data.

GIS Services:
  • Data Conversion/Migration
  • GIS Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Alignment Sheets
  • Data Maintenance and Management
  • Data Hosting
  • Mobile GIS Implementation
  • Technical Support/Training
DDSI utilizes the following:
  • Blue Sky Skyline
  • AutoCAD Map


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